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What can Thread Swap do for me?

Thread Swap establishes communities for people with similar fashion interests to connect and swap clothing for prices far below ones found in retail. We allow individuals to become their own boss and turn their unwanted clothes into wanted profit with a click of a button.

How does it work?

Upload your closet or simply create an account in order to begin swapping, selling, and buying from other member's closets.

Why should I trust you?

Thread Swap goes the full length to ensure that members are satisfied with their transactions. We provide a rating system for each member based on the quality of their transactions.

How do you differ from other companies in this market?

The number one complaint in this market is customer service. Thread Swap goes to full measures to make sure that all members are treated fairly and have satisfying experience. We provide several methods to contact us with issues, which are documented and resolved as quickly as possible. Most companies in this market will pocket as much from each transaction as possible. Our main goal is to generate high rates of return for our members in each transaction. That is why for every transaction we charge a flat rate of 5%. Also, Thread Swap caters to everyone, we stress openness and diversity in our members and our fashion

Are there any opportunities to get involved?

Of course! We are currently looking for web designers, photographers, and small clothing store owners/businesses to help our marketplace grow. For more information, click on the LinkedIn icon (in) near the bottom of this page.

How do I get started?

Register here or login and then access the resources page for information on uploading your closet and tips to buy, sell, and trade. It's time to swap and profit.